"After 16 years of experience in the Uco Valley, I can affirm that this is the exact area where the best wines of Mendoza are produced. The proximity to the Andes Mountains, the ideal day to night temperature ranges, and the fertile soil with excellent drainage, make this land exceptional to produce high end wines and develop the viticulture and enology in the most natural way possible". Alberto Antonini, Winemaker Casa de Uco.

El Salvaje


Salvaje embodies Malbec in its most natural form. An expressive wine that comes from the unique terroir in the Uco Valley, in Mendoza, Argentina. Every powerful bottle pays tribute to the rich landscape and native flora and fauna of the region. In spanish, Salvaje means Wild.


Casa de Uco

Vineyard Selection Malbec

Casa de Uco is inspired by the Uco Valley’s exceptional natural resources, where we honor the birthplace of Argentina’s most acclaimed wines. A complex wine, born in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, in millenary soils, ideal for growing high quality grapes. Blend of rocky soils that define what we consider to be the most authentic expression of our terroir.

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