Cooking Class

Our chefs teach the secrets of cooking the Argentine way, using seasonal local produce and open-fire grills. All of our cooking classes are personalized and held outdoors, with the breathtaking view of the Andes Mountains in the distance. The foods prepared honor our garden-to-table philosophy, and guests will be able to taste the dishes at the end of the class.

Lunch in los Chañares

The activity is ideal for connecting with nature since Los Chañares is a natural reserve of the resort without any intervention. It begins with a 45-minute ride to a secret place where one of our chefs will be waiting for you with a delicious lunch at Casa de Uco style.

Picnic Gourmet in Los Chañares

Enjoy a different experience in our Ecological Reserve. Ideal for enjoying the Andes Mountains and the flora and fauna of the Uco Valley. Includes preserves, salads with vegetables from our garden, potato omelet, sandwiches, empanadas, seasonal fruits, water, and wine from our winery.

Picnic to go

A quick and practical meal for guests to take on excursions or wherever they wish.

Asado in the Vineyard

In a place specially designed for this activity: surrounded by vineyards and near our water reservoir, our Chefs will delight you with a typical Casa de Uco-style barbecue. You will be able to enjoy different cuts of meat, accompanied by vegetables from our garden and paired with the best selection of our wines.

Vineyard Tasting

Through a tour of our wine estate, you will be able to visit the vineyard plots guided by our Winery Host, where you will learn about the secrets of soils and varietals in the area. Then they will visit the winery, wherefrom the upper gangway, with a bird-eye view of the production process, understanding its complexity and appreciating the multiplicity of elements involved. This activity is designed to quickly understand the wine industry in an experimental boutique winery, by seeing how it all happens. In the end, you will be able to enjoy our best wines in the tasting room.

Cocktail Class

Learn cocktail-making techniques and try delicious libations in our interactive cocktail class. These cocktails were created for our guests to perfect and impress friends and family when they return home with their newly minted drink making skills.

Tasting Menú

It is an experience full of flavors, and an eno-gastronomic journey. It consists of a 5-course menu, created specifically for the different wine lines of our winery by the chef and the sommelier. Get ready to disconnect and enjoy an unforgettable sensory evening.

Harvest Experience

Touring the vineyards, our experts will transmit the philosophy of the harvest season, being part of the work that gives life to the wine. The Winery Host will explain the characteristics and care of each varietal. Then, you will visit the Bodega Casa de Uco and its production line. You can also make a recreationall harvest and the classic grape stomping. In the end, you’ll enjoy an Argentine Asado amidst the vineyards, with an imposing view of the Andes Mountains.<br /> * Activity in force only at harvest time.


Trekking en los Andes

We have a wide variety of trekkings and hiking in the Cordillera de Los Andes area. Each of them is planned according to the preferences and aptitudes of the participants. You will be able to enjoy stunning landscapes and unforgettable moments.

Horseback in the Andes

This experience consists of touring the property and going through its vineyards and water reservoir. They will be able to stop for the area's recognition and obtain an explanation about the vineyard; commenting on the varieties planted in Casa de Uco.

Sunrise in the Andes

Enjoy the sunrise in a unique setting: the spectacular sunrise of the Uco Valley, from the top of the mountain. This activity starts from the hotel in a 4x4 truck, and upon reaching the foot of the mountain range, the tour continues on foot or on horseback.

Sunrise in the Andes

Enjoy the sunrise in a unique setting: the spectacular sunrise of the Uco Valley, from the top of the mountain. This activity starts from the hotel in a 4x4 truck, and upon reaching the foot of the mountain range, the tour continues on foot or on horseback.

Full Moon in the Uco Valley

Available during the full moon. This activity begins with a nighttime horseback ride in the foothills of the mountains to Los Chañares, to see how the full moon illuminates the entire valley.


An outdoor activity to really connect with the environment. Guests can jog around the entire property, on comfortable dirt paths, to explore every hidden nook and truly experience life on a vineyard.

Biking in the vineyard

Guests can use the Casa de Uco bicycles to discover every inch of the vineyard and estate, with or without a staff member. Guests have the chance to visit the water reserve and the winery.


The Valle Uco views are exceptional, and this activity at the foothills of the Andes Mountains is absolutely unique to take in the mountain views. After a safety talk and instructions on how to shoot a bow and arrow, guests can begin to practice their aim, while surrounded by pure nature.


Tennis masters and amateurs are in luck, we provide a bag equipped with everything guests need to play tennis (depending on number of players), for a match on our tennis court located in the vines with the Andes in the distance. Here, you’ll play an unforgettable game in an incredible location.


These activities are exclusive to hotel guests. Certain activities are available with a minimum or a maximum number of people. The activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.


At Casa de Uco we are committed to the environment, and strive to support local communities