Make dreams come true owning a vineyard, in Uco Valley, Mendoza where alluvial soils are the main characteristic to produce high end wines with great personality. Vineyard are managed by our staff who have years of experience working on the vineyard. Owners can decide the destiny of their grapes and get involve as much as they want every year on the vineyard or the wine production process. Italian Alberto Antonini is the head winemaker and Casa de Uco’s team will guide you along the whole process according making this a unique experience.

"For many years we have developed the expertise producing premium wines, so now we want to advise wine lovers who may not be wine professionals. Our private vineyard project was created for wine enthusiasts to get hands-on experience making their own wine. They can choose how much to become involved in the process, from the beginning stages of planting their grapes and working alongside our expert agronomists and enologists, to designing their personal wine labels and brand. It’s all about living the wine culture lifestyle with Casa de Uco". Juan Tonconogy, Project Manager


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